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Aug 25, 2013 5:30pm PDT
the u.s. is preparing for possible military action against syria. that is after a suspected chemical weapon attack killed hundreds of civilians including women and children. the united nations will investigate if poisonous gases were used and a warning some of the images may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: white house officials say there is little doubt syrian forces used chemical weapon to attack civilians in the suburbs. the alleged attack last wednesday killed more than 3people including women and children. after days of pressure and meetings with the united representatives, sunday, the syrian government agreed to let u.n. inspectors examine the site of the attack. the admin administer says they never used chemical weapon. >> reporter: the u.n. team will begin a fact-finding team on monday. but the united states is concerned that it is too late. u.s. officials argue days of heavy bombing around the area likely destroyed evidence of a chemical attack. the defense secretary says that president barack obama is considering a u.s. response -- >> president barack obama has asked
Aug 11, 2013 5:30pm PDT
and get in there and bang heads and say, let's give us a solution. who will be the adult in the room? >> back to you. >> if a deal is not struck tonight the team would take a break to reassess their position. they did not specify how long the break would be. >>> outside lands, the three- day music festival is winding down. surrounded by tens of thousands of music lovers. this is one of the great paintings by divinci, why they think they locked the mystery behind the mona lisa smile. >>> the pinpoint forecast after the news continues right here on kpix5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, outside lands music and arts festival in golden gate par winding down. as don knapp reports: it's brou gh to san francisc >>> day three of the 6th annual outside lands festival is winding down. as don knapp reports it has brought in a lot of cash into the neighborhood but brought a head headache to a lot of people nearby. >> all of the way to the left, guys. >> reporter: the appeal, 65,000 people a day streaming into golden gate park. near he 200,000 over three days. >> it is just an amazing time in the park. with all o
Aug 3, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. obviously taking a break, then going back into the building. they're not telling us anything so we really have to wait to find out what's going on. bart management and the unions returned to the bargaining table this morning but the sides remain far apart, at least as bargaining resumed the big unresolved issues which are pay, pensions, health care contributions and worker safety remain unresolved.bart spokesmen said they hope they can settle things or continue negotiations without a shutdown monday morning. if not the riders who made 400,000 trips a day will have to look for other ways to get to work and we know what that means on the freeways. if there is a strike monday morning it is expected to be more of a problem this time. every other kind of transportation that can be added to the streets and to the bay and to the rails will be tried. we'll have to wait and see. ann? >> of course, it could be a mess. i'm curious though. for the past few days the negotiators have been briefing reporters in the afternoon. we've seen nothing today. are you reading anything into that? >> as one of my
Aug 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
a san diego teenager missing for almost a week. but marlie hall tells us why it could still take time to find 16-year-old hannah anderson and her abductor. >>> reporter: law enforcement officials and fbi agents poured into a remote area of central idaho searching for 16-year-old hannah anderson and the man who allegedly kidnapped her james lee dimaggio. his car was found friday morning abandoned near the town of cascade, 70 miles northeast of boise. >> local law enforcement in the area were able to confirm to the v.i.n. number that the vehicle did belong to dimaggio. >> reporter: hannah anderson and dimaggio were last seen hiking on wings. a horseback rider spotted them but didn't know until later police were searching for the pair. >> as far as we know, it didn't look like she was being held against her will. >> reporter: the sighting launched a massive search in the southwest corner of an area called the river of no return wilderness a roadless rugged mountain region. >> that is one of the challenges here is the access into this area, the time it takes to get there. >> reporter: han
Aug 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
this. what those who live there-- want us to know abo the real oakland. an unbelievable sight. a truck-- slams into the hoe of a 79-year old woman. the strong messa >>> they want us to know it does not always look like this. what they want us to know about the real oakland. >> an unbelievable sight. a truck slams into the house of a 79-year-old woman. the strong message for the driver that ran away. >>> the end of an era for another bay area attraction. the end of the road for the malibu grand prix is hours away. >>> it is scenes like this that dominates pictures from oakland. people shooting each other, making it seem like it is all out war on the streets. yes, there have been three shootings in oakland this weekend that left three dead and several others injured. a common complaint is nobody cares. this is what happens in oakland. but in this shooting on telegraph avenue yesterday it was everyday people who came to the victim's rescue. that is the oakland that people who live and work there want us to know about. juliet has more on that, an exclusive extra view with one of t
Aug 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
to use his legs. state authorities are investigating the incident. >>> a chaotic day on the best of the 13 louis vuitton race. there was a scary moments when new zealand tore its tarp. italy's lunarosa withdrew. >> race two was postponed because conditions are just too windy. >> and this is a look at the clouds in the sky overlookand. this is a muggy side all over the bay area, and the chance for thunder showers. >> we fire up our live doppler radar and we have nothing to be seen right now. >> we were picking up some drizzle. this is associated with some tropical moisture that's anchored offshore. tomorrow's forecast, we have some big changes. high pressure's actually going to migrate back into this area. >> a warmer day on tap tomorrow. we're going to have a lot of ozone, pollutants, very close to the earth. it is spare the earth day for sunday. >> with the possibility of those thunderstorms moving in, we have a fire weather watch in effect for most of the bay area, sunday evening through tuesday evening. we have the potential of thunderstorms and also we have the chance of dry
Aug 4, 2013 5:30pm PDT
commission. >> in order for us to be prepared for a b.a.r.t strike we need to put $1 million on the table and that strike may or may not happen and that $1 million will go away. >> reporter: he admits they have the money but it is a political issue with the board. people don't want to be seen as strike breakers. >> there are folks that think we should go all out to avoid any inconvenience about the public. the others that is a the only way to get it settled is to have it so both sides will settle the dispute. >> again, riders are left as the pawns, how do they have the power over hundreds of thousands of people's daily routines? muni drivers don't. b.a.r.t workers do not have it in there. >> public employees area allowed to unionize and strike. so, if someone wants to change that it will take an act of a legislature. >> the senator is proposing a change in the state law. he is getting resistance from both sides because the no strike law has mandatory operation. >> four commuters and a transit agency is requiringal tern ittives, it was a learning kefrb the last learn -- a learning curve.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7